Yes, I find I learn more and more about the subculture as time goes on! To be fair, I didn’t say anyone’s fantasies were wrong. People are very welcome to fantasise about whatever they like. No one is judging that - well not me anyway. I was querying the extent to which that fantasy, for some at least, seems to have developed into a belief, or in certain cases insistent demands, that it should become reality and appear in the show itself.

“Sherlock” itself plays with the idea that society is so unused to any kind of male friendship or intimacy that those around Sherlock and John often assume their relationship can only be motivated by sexual attraction. As Amanda says, why can’t their love for each other be friendship? Why impose a gay dynamic on two characters who, as clearly as we can tell, identify respectively as heterosexual and asexual?

Personally speaking, I’d love to see more well-rounded gay characters and well-written gay relationships depicted in drama, but that’s another story – and not this one, I’m afraid.

As you say, it’s an interesting phenomenon.


*points up*

THIS. Just… This.



Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand this is how I feel about Cas and Dean. They are bonded, connected, they love each other … but I don’t think it necessarily means they’re sexually attracted to each other. It could be, but it doesn’t have to be.